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I think Smite should be usable across all melee weapons, and that weaponry should compliment spirituality as far as damage output is concerned.


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    When I think smite I think big bludgeon weapons like mace and hammer. Its not smite if it has cutting
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    Hmm. I always thought of smite as a holy weapon of some kind. As long as it was imbued with some kind of "divine" or "holy/unholy" energy, the weapon could smite.
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    To smite is just to hit something really hard. We only attribute it to divinity because of D&D, WoW, and the fact that a god 'smites' things.

    Another reason, I'm sure I'm not the only one that thinks 'Cleric' when I hear the word 'Smite'. Clerics primary weapon is a Mace, when drawn up. That isn't to say they can't use any other weapon, it is just what they are largely depicted as using.

    That being said, I prefer Luminaries using bludgeons, but that is just because my first serious MUD char was a Priest, which used a spiritual mace. It's mostly a nostalgia thing.

    Edit: All this being said, I now want to suggest giving Wayfarers Javelins... because it is a throwing weapon, and also a potential(?) melee weapon.

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    Keeping specific weapons specific to specific classes kind of helps with class identity even if it makes you feel LESS special with personal identity. Knights get a bit more wiggle room cause KNIGHTS but cookies CRUMBLE. :warning::cookie::warning:

    You guys are responding to a thread from last year.
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    No I'm responding to YOU.

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    @Lin is so last year.
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    I only suggested Javelin because the only class that can really use it is Templar, and they don't use it.

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