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So, why not? Give it your best, I would love to see how Istela has been viewed by those that do know her....and those that have only heard about her haha.


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    It's interesting because Rasani goes between not really viewing Istela as much of a threat, or perhaps even misguided, to being infuriated with her. The one thing she'll never do, though, is blame istela for the stuff that went down with Coryn, so she does feel bad that so much of that seems to fall on you!
    I think she's interesting and I look forward to seeing where she heads!
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    Bumping this up a bit its been a while since it's seen any love
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    Istela is always a great time to roleplay with. No matter the situation, you are always on point with your emotes and somehow always find a way to keep me laughing. Istela and Atarah have a hugely strong bond with each other, that no matter when they fight or disagree, they still love each other unconditionally. Istela is challenging, witty, kind, smartassed, and an all around great character. I look forward to seeing where their lives lead them and how they'll continue to grow as mother and daughter! <3
    "There is no exquisite beauty without some strangeness in the proportion." - Edgar Allan Poe
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    hrm more to bump with!
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