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As suggested by @Nola.
Nola said:

I just want everyone to make a Drunktolia thread and share their Drunktolia experiences now, because this is entertaining as someone who can function normally while drunktoliaing.

Last time I Drunktolia'd I shouted silly things for an hour, almost got zapped by @Dhar, got killed by @Toz, @Meltas, and a team of 5 different Carnifex, starbursted @Toz a couple times and killed @Trager 15 times, started a huge argument on @Damariel's order channel, and passed out in the middle of an RP with @Xenia.

I vaguely remember some of it. Mostly someone shouting about eggs.

What have YOU done while Drunktoliaing?


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    This makes me want to go home tonight and drunktolia, because I don't think I've ever done anything remarkable while drunkening other than... like... spell badly and fall asleep.
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    I've blackout contested for benandanti and won, I also blackout submitted a letter to be MoS for spines and didn't realize it until I got appointed.  But usually I'd just raid or PvP hammered
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    I don't think I've had any funny or remarkable drunktolia experiences, as I don't usually drink and play Aetolia for reason. I'm a very happy I love everybody let me give you a hug kind of a drunk.

    That said, I DO remember this one time @Edhain was online and he was either stoned or on shrooms. He was saying really belligerent and OOC things over CT and it was hilarious. This was also around the time when Ascendril first got their 3 different holocaust globes, and we made a plan to raid BL by chaining spirit holocausts together to keep everyone healed up. Edhain, Aevon and I were the mages, and I remember Aevon's timing being off. Edhain started screaming over CT "AEVON, UNICORNS SPIRIT COAST WITH ME. SPIRIT. COAST. WITH. ME."

    I'll never forget that day.
                 Faaaaaaaaaaabulous!                                          Adorable!                                                               UHMAYZING!

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    I tried to chat up @Lleis. Every. Time.

    God bless her, she always humoured me.

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    Ugh I drunktolia'd last night hngh this game needs a breathalyzer.
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    You all make me glad I don't drink! #betterthanyou
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    I read that as #nofun instead of w/e you typed.
    "You ever been divided by zero?" Nia asks you with a squint.

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    Well, you're right. Logging in the morning after and cleaning up the messes you've made while drunk seems like a whole lot of #nofun. :D
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    I had people to clean up after me I don't what you guys are doing wrong. Someone even cooked the turkey I left on the stove, raw in a pan.
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    I wish I had the log of me handling a drunktolia'er with proper style. :<
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    The last time I drunktolia'd I waltzed into the Luminary guild, or rather prism'd into it....Or maybe it was the Daru? I don't even remember who all was there, other than Xenia had two bottles, one in each hand and I think almost got killed but instead was escorted by some kind guild member.
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    I remember that lol! Was the Daru's, it was easy to prism into.
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    I feel "Hightolia" also fits this page, so I submit mine:
    Rping with Rasani and apologizing near-constantly because I thought I was taking 20-30 minutes to come up with crappy one-line emotes.
    I copy-pasted it so I could look at it while sober and laugh at myself. Turns out I was averaging 2-4 minutes.

    TIL: I emote faster while high.
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    I have chronic pain.

    So whenever you rp with me, it is hightolia time.
    I have a bong in my hand right now.
    Pi is smoking a bong in my avatar.

    Becue add bongs pls.
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    Pilar said:

    I have chronic pain.

    So whenever you rp with me, it is hightolia time.
    I have a bong in my hand right now.
    Pi is smoking a bong in my avatar.

    Becue add bongs pls.

    Hookah is close?
    Now with 253% more Madness.
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    Trikal drunk is a special treat because I like trying to figure out what EXACTLY the heck it is he's saying.
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    It requires special skills to decipher what the Drunk Bug is saying without a hitch the first time around. Or, speaking in IC terms, a proper Spirean!

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    Man, this thread would be Moirean's wet dream.
  • MissariMissari Posts: 208Member ✭✭✭
    Don't worry, some of us have a sense of humor, @Ingram
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